Aerial Inspection

Aerial Inspection Services

Our highly skilled operators are able to fly around complex structures in a fraction of the time it would take traditional methods and in most instances buildings and plants can remain fully operational. We are able to conduct inspection of buildings, chimneys, pipelines, wind turbines, solar arrays, rail track, oil rigs, power lines, pylons, bridges, construction and ships. We can provide close visual inspection and thermal inspection.

Our live feed from the drone whilst it is in flight, allows you to direct the camera operator to capture the exact images that you need.

We work with surveyors, architects, multi-national organisations and infrastructure companies to deliver bespoke project support using drones in order to achieve safer, cost effective and timely aerial image data collection services.

We will work alongside your company personnel and/or specialist engineers to establish safe methods of capturing the image data required during your industrial inspection drone survey. This allows our drone pilots to ensure they are obtaining the right data for you to make informed decisions about your commercial operations.


  • Increased Knowledge and Accuracy

  • Reduces requirement for employees to work at height making the process safer

  • Cost savings - less expensive than traditional methods

  • Reduced inspection times

Technical Information

  • Congested area flying permissions in city centres -10m cars, 5m buildings

  • Still and full motion HD and 4K video, thermographic data, live fee

  • Skilled pilots to fly around complex structures

  • Output results integrate with CAD, GIS and traditional photogrammetry software

Safe & Legal

City Flying

Night Flights

Extensive Equipment

Optimised Results

Quality service

What We Do

Please find below a selection of some of our work. Click on an image to find out more about what we do.

How We Do It

  • Your Requirements
  • Pre-flight Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Authorisation
  • Flight
  • Data Processing
  • Delivery To You

The service that you receive from us is important. Click through our step by step guide opposite to learn more about how we work with you during every step of the process to ensure you receive great quality results.

For more information on flying requirements and legislation Click here

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